Introduction to Philosophy
by amorast on Feb 07, 2020

A few books offered as a good introduction to philosophy. Most of these books give a broad overview of different schools of thought and different areas of philosophy. Some of the books are pretty dense and specific and are not recommended to som…

Interesting Economics
by amorast on Feb 07, 2020

This motif is a compilation of books pertaining to economics that are interesting to read. The books are all related in that they focus on economics but don't have any other particular relationship. The books here will give you both a better unde…

Personal Finance
by amorast on Feb 03, 2020

A few good books on personal finance.

Next in the Series Light Novels
by thebes_t on Jan 30, 2020

These light novels are essential if you want to read light novels.

Computational Fluid Dynamics
by thebes_t on Jan 29, 2020

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a branch of fluid mechanics that uses methods from numerical analysis to analyze and solve problems involving fluid flows. CFD applies to a wide range of engineering problems in many fields and industries includ…

Intelligent Investing Education
by amorast on Jan 28, 2020

Quintessential books for those wanting an education in value investing; an investing strategy fathered by Benjamin Graham and utilized by Warren Buffett and some other very successful investors with impressive track records. Warren Buffett is quo…